5 Words That Should Never Be Used in an Ad

ballistic bells seo copywriting 5 words that must never be used

Whether you’re an ecommerce entrepreneur, affiliate marketing pro or just trying to sell something on Craigslist – there are 5 words guaranteed to ruin your pitch. Avoiding these “turn off” words may not make the sale for you, but it will at least stop you from falling flat on your face before you’re even out of the gate.

The 5 Words that Must Never Be Used

1. Quality

Define quality. Go ahead, I dare you. Quality is whatever you say it is and everyone who reads that word in your sales copy knows it.

It’s the “boy who cried wolf” of the copywriting world. Everyone’s heard it and been burned by something that was supposed to be a “quality” product. Use this stinker if you want to be lumped in with every other huckster who tried to convince someone a sow’s ear was really a silk purse.

2. Value

This word is so subjective that it destroys your credibility from the start. A tin cup and a pewter chalice both have great value – depending on the context you’re using. Ambiguity creates an automatic “No,” it’s a normal human reaction to back off when something seems slippery. Don’t claim that what you’re selling has value; you must tell them what makes it valuable.

3. Service

Sweet Jesus! No one expects to hear how crappy your service is, this word is automatically skimmed right over by your potential customer. The average person has been exposed to thousands of cheesy, over promising ads in their lifetime and is immune to hollow phrasing like this.

Don’t claim your service is the best – explain what sets your offering apart from everybody else. The more specific you are, the more confidence and trust the customer will have in you.

4. Caring

This is one of the worst words that you can use. Include any of the previous examples and you might be forgiven if the rest of your copy is written competently – but caring?

If you need to claim that you care – most people will assume it’s to cover for the fact that you don’t.

Instead of using this vile word, demonstrate how well you treat your customers using social proof such as:

  • Testimonials
  • Reviews
  • Case studies

It’s a lot more work, but the reward of new business is more than worth it.

5. Integrity

Integrity is assumed or you won’t make the sale. Shouting that you have integrity from the digital rooftops won’t help anything. All potential customers are from Missouri – Show Me!

Demonstrate your integrity by offering an iron-clad warranty, money back guarantee, or any other promise that will demonstrate that you stand behind your product and are willing to do what it takes to keep a customer satisfied.

Make the Sale

Don’t forget the main point of any promotional writing: you’re trying to convince a total stranger to trust you enough to pay you for a product or service that they have no guarantee you’ll provide to their satisfaction.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes; would you believe your own sales copy? Would you do business with you.

The Shortcut

Don’t reinvent the wheel. You’re a customer too! Look at the sales copy that convinces you to hand over hard, cold cash. What ads have you read that caught your eye? Check out your competition and see who’s succeeding with what kind of copywriting.

Don’t imitate! Learn from what works for them and use the same techniques for your unique offering.

A/B Testing

Some things work better than others. Some things work way better than others. Constantly change your copy as your sales numbers or other KPI’s fluctuate. Using the process of elimination you’ll eventually have razor sharp sales copy and persuasive calls to action guaranteed to work for every season, audience, and major holiday in the year.

For Copy that Shines

You need copy that rocks from the git go. You have too much on your plate to devote the hours to honing a written sales message that converts maximally time after time.

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