Copywriting Dirty Trick That Loses You Money

copywriting dirty trick

This is the worst copywriting dirty trick any “copywriter” can pull on a client: What is it?

We can all agree that not getting what you paid for – is a cheat.

So consider this:

When you hire a copywriter to create content does he actually write it?

What would you say if you knew that the copywriter charging you for 5, 10 or 15 cpw quality-level copy was outsourcing the work to low paid amateurs and foreign workers at 1 or 2 cents per word?

Would you feel ripped-off?

Copywriting Dirty Tricks Started With the Death of SEO Agencies

Thanks to the death of traditional SEO at the hands of the latest Google updates; old SEO’s with no more tricks up their sleeves have begun to offer content writing and copywriting services to stay in business.

Think about this:

Did these people suddenly develop professional copywriting abilities?

Of course not.

They’re just using a copywriting dirty trick that’s as old as the business of selling copy.

The 4-Hour Week Week Teaches This Trick

They just took a page from the “4-Hour Work Week” and decided to outsource something they know nothing about to low-paid labor that has no skills beyond stringing words together. The hope is that customers are as clueless about good copywriting as they are.

It’s still a copywriting dirty trick.

Look at this – The “quality” copy that you’re paying up to 15 cents per word is being outsourced to 2 cpw “writers.”

You vetted the agency or copywriter; but how do you know who is actually doing the writing – beyond the fact that:

  • It doesn’t convert
  • It has a high bounce rate
  • It doesn’t get shared
  • It doesn’t show up in searches
  • You paid for a quality level you didn’t get

Check This Out

Look at “agencies” like this one. They are constantly advertising for new writers willing to work for between 2 – 5 cpw (depending on “experience”). They have a gym and a dog food company as clients; I imagine their clients are paying double those rates for whatever copy they’re getting.

Yes, that is playing a copywriting dirty trick on their “clients.”

Here is another one run by a failed fashionista who is suddenly qualified to run a “top Los Angeles SEO agency.”

Of course she is, she outsources the work to low-wage contract workers at pennies a word. If the person you’re paying to produce premium work is hiring entry-level word stringers at slave rates – are you getting your money’s worth?

Is the copy you paid for worth it?

If it isn’t – you’ve been taken by a copywriting dirty trick.

This agency is very open about what they’re willing to (not) pay contract workers to churn out drivel at premium prices:

“(Redacted) seeks health and fitness bloggers who have experience with standing desks and treadmill desks. Our client would like to post your first-person story of using a standing desk and/or treadmill desk for writing. The ideal post will be from 500-1000 words. The post must be a first-person account of what it’s like to use a standing desk or treadmill desk. We offer from .02 to .05 per word, depending on experience and social media following. We ask that writers share their posts on their social media channels.”

So they’re charging the client between 5 and 10 cents per word, for cut-rate copy from an amateur (who had better have “experience” and a social media following to get “top” rate).

That seems like a copywriting dirty trick to me.

Think about this:

Would you be happy to know you could have saved a fortune by hiring your own crappy copywriter at 2 cpw on Craigslist? Or could have easily hired a professional that does the work himself and will handle:

  • Your account
  • Revisions
  • Special requirements
  • Your questions about the copy

Personally for you, and is intimately familiar with the copy that was written?

A Reputable Copywriter Doesn’t Outsource

No business has unlimited capital to waste on poorly-written copy that they bought at premium rates.

Insist on knowing exactly who is creating the copy you’re paying for – ask the agency you’re considering:

  • Do you outsource your copywriting or is it written in-house?
  • Can I contact my copywriter directly? If not – why not?
  • Can I see the copywriter’s portfolio of projects?

The transparency of the copywriting agency you hire is a great indication about whether the work is written by a professional or outsourced to places like TextBroker, Upwork, Freelancer, Craigslist or other low-wage labor exchanges.

Too Many People Are Using This Copywriting Dirty Trick as a Get-Rich-Scheme

Here is one way to look at it:

If you hire a licensed electrician to repair the wiring in your home – would you feel ripped off (and very nervous) if he contracted the job out to an unlicensed amateur who thinks he has a “talent” for electrical work? And then still charged you full price for the work?

Just like you rely on your home for comfort, you rely on your business to pay for it. Why would you leave the reputation of your company up to some faceless, underpaid somebody?

Accountability is Key

Copywriting Agencies that outsource your work have no accountability – you have no idea who is actually completing your project or how to contact him or her.

It gets worse:

The copywriter can’t contact you to clear up anything vague, ask questions about the copy or interact with you in any way to fine tune details about your project.

Why would you pay premium prices for a complete lack of accountability?

You can hire your own low-wage labor on Fiverr with less trouble and expense.

Lack of genuine accountability is a copywriting dirty trick to avoid.

Don’t Fall For This Copywriting Dirty Trick

When you contact (or are contacted) by a copywriting agency, ask:

  • Who will create your copy?
  • What is their experience?
  • Can you speak to them directly?
  • Can you see samples of their work?
  • Who are you paying: the agency? The copywriter directly?

 Get Rid of the Copywriting Middle Man

Make sure that you’re not paying a middle man instead of a professional for the copy that your business needs. Middle man are parasites bleeding you and the poor sucker doing his work for him while giving you nothing of value.

Thanks to the internet any business can easily find an independent copywriter, micro-agency, or multi-person copywriting operation that will gladly perform all the work personally in-house.

You will get the quality you paid for and have far more control over how it turns out.

Wait! You’re not satisfied?

Dealing with someone who is actually creating your copy means you can tell them what’s wrong directly and discuss fixing the problem with an experienced professional copywriter.

 Avoid this Copywriting Dirty Trick Once and for All

It’s called disintermediation.

You know what the supplier’s costs are and you refuse to pay a premium when you can buy what you need directly from the producer.

Cut out the middle man and:

  • Get better quality
  • Enjoy accountability
  • Control the process
  • Save money

Don’t get ripped off by the copywriting dirty trick of outsourcing anymore.

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