The Easy Way to Hire A Copywriter

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Your website is all set up; your Home, About, Contact, and Blog pages are a delight to behold – now comes the hard part, you need to give both visitors and the search engines a reason to visit your website; you need to hire a copywriter.

This is why:

You hire a copywriter to create the SEO content that will give real value to your audience while being search optimized so that people looking for information will easily find you on the search results page.

While it can seem impossible to hire a copywriter who will take your brand to the top of the search results for your keywords – there is a simple process you can follow to hire a copywriter that will;

  • Write content that answers your audience’s questions and concern
  • Craft persuasive calls to action to convert readers into buyers
  • Establish your credibility and authority in your niche

Follow this 4 step process and hire a copywriter who will enhance your brand and your bottom line.

1 What do You Want

Before you can hire a copywriter, you’ve got to know what you want them to write.

A good copywriter can generally do it all, from attacking “abandoned cart” emails to persuasive product copy.

What’s Your Biggest Concern?

But if your biggest concern is attracting web traffic; you need to hire a copywriter who is a master of SEO blog articles, and you’ll want to make sure you hire a copywriter who can do that.

List Your Priorities

Make a list of the priorities your SEO copywriter will take on when he begins on your project. By having a clear idea of the types of content you need written, you’ll be able to better focus your copywriter search.

Pay attention to this:

If you want to hire a copywriter who can do it all, be prepared to pay for it.

Talent never comes cheap. Well-written, evergreen copy can make you money for years to come and a great copywriter sweats blood to give it to you.

2 Hire a Copywriter Not an SEO

Hiring a solid copywriter with knowledge of SEO is better than hiring a self-professed “SEO.”  The old days of keyword stuffing any old content and getting loads of traffic are over, as is:

And all other tricks SEO agencies have been relying on for the ridiculous fees they charge. SEO agencies are dead, like used car salesman – the world is better off without them.

Start Thinking About What a Copywriter Near You Can do for Your Business

If you need local content marketing to dominate your market; consider finding a copywriter near you who understands the target demographic in where you do business.

What about those Google updates?

The latest Google updates have made it clear – content is king.

Get caught trying to game the system and watch your traffic (and your profits) dwindle into insignificance.

You need an SEO copywriter; someone who can create dazzling content that gives the reader immense value while ranking highly in search results and sells your brand; making you into a thought leader in your industry.

An SEO copywriter knows how to rank your domain free from the worry of Google penalties; by creating masterful copy.

Don’t Ruin it With This Mistake

Nothing destroys inspiration more than a long, strict set of guidelines that a writer simply must adhere to.

If you need awesome copy, don’t tie your copywriter up with a long list of requirements.  Give the copywriter the creative freedom they need to write incredible copy!

3 Don’t Hire a Copywriter For This:

  • Conversion rate analytics.
  • Or ask what your ROI will be.
  • Or anything else that has nothing to do with persuasive, value-loaded content

Copywriters write – it’s not their job to analyze your data. The copywriter will deliver the content to you, not wait around to keep track of how it performs, or promote it for you.

He’s running a business as well; the business of creating copy that;

  • Ranks your domain in search,
  • Promotes your brand,
  • Engages readers to act on calls to action
  • While giving your audience great value in return for the time they spent on your website

The copywriter’s job is to give you the high caliber ammunition you need to bag higher search rank and more customers.

It’s your job to keep track of how your website is performing; hire a copywriter to produce the copy you need so you can have any analytics to worry about at all.

4 Hire a Copywriter with Paid Test Articles/ Portfolio

When you hire a copywriter you need to make sure that his voice and approach are suitable for your needs – enter the paid test article.

Beware the copywriter who is willing to write a “free” sample article for you.

Don’t be this:

Anyone willing to work for free knows the true value of their work. Besides, anybody who expects both great copy and unpaid labor – is something of a scumbag.

Give your prospective copywriter a test piece that you fully intend to use – pay the agreed upon rate and see if the project was completed to your satisfaction. If revisions are needed – request them, then re-examine the copy.

Aways Keep in Mind That:

It can take two or three projects before the copywriter fully understands your particular expectations.

Hire a copywriter who has a substantial portfolio of work.

Take the time to look at several pieces that the copywriter has completed for other clients. This is the best way to judge a copywriter before committing to a paid test project. By the time you’ve assigned a test piece you should already be confident that – barring truly horrendous work on the initial copy – this is the man for you.

You Need to Hire a Copywriter

If you need premium copy that will give your target audience

  • A reason to visit your website
  • Product descriptions make customers click “buy”
  • Emails and newsletters that get opened and read
  • Home/About pages that make your brand shine


Please contact Ballistic Bells to discover how we can add value to your business.

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