7 Strategies to Increase Website Conversions

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Business owners are always trying to get to the 1st page of Google; but are often they are puzzled why increased traffic doesn’t always result in more sales from website conversions.

Website conversions are the most important factor to the success of your online marketing strategy. It means making your visitors do what you want them to do; regardless if it’s buying your product/service, signing up for your newsletter, registering for a webinar, downloading a whitepaper, or simply filling out a contact form.

Let’s take a look at what SEO is, what it can do for your business, what it can’t, and how you can improve your website conversions rate in 7 easy steps.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; the online techniques intended to help your website show up on the first page of search results when your potential customers enter keywords related to your business in the search engines.

There are 3 main approaches to SEO:

  1. Search Optimizing your web pages (Home, About, Contact)
  2. Backlink building
  3. Publishing keyword-rich content

The search engines rank websites according to relevancy for a given search word or phrase (keywords). So to show up on the first page of search you need to create valuable and relevant content that has been optimized for your business’ keywords.

Where does SEO Fail?

SEO cannot guarantee you more sales or website conversions. The sole purpose of SEO is to increase your website’s traffic.

Driving traffic to your website with SEO is only half the battle. You must also make sure that your website is converting those visitors into customers.

Creating a website that consistently converts visitors into customers ensures that the time and money you’ve invested in SEO will have the highest possible return on investment.

Improving Website Conversions

While your website designer will design a beautiful and functional website, only a content marketer knows the techniques that will:

  • Keep your visitors engaged
  • Give them critical information
  • Induce them to take action

You can use some basic DIY content marketing techniques to increase your conversion rates and avoid the need to outsource your SEO copywriting and content marketing.

7 Steps to a Website that Converts

1.     Capturing lead information

Insert an opt-in form on every page of your website with a free offer so attractive that your visitors will feel compelled to sign up. This will give you the chance to send follow-up messages that will build rapport and give value to create the trust that drives sales.

2.     Keep it simple

Present options simply so your visitor can self-select themselves and choose the right product or service that meets their needs. Try a variety of graphics boxes on your home page that show what you offer and who they are intended for to help visitors to take the next step into your sales funnel.

3.     Build More Trust

First impressions are lasting. Within seconds people have decided if they trust you, if you offer what they need, or if you can solve their problem.

You need to build credibility with social proof; testimonials, reviews and benefits-driven copy.

Include contact information on your website so your customers can ask questions and give you a chance to overcome their objections. Create a FAQs page or even a customer service chat app to help customers get answers to their questions immediately.

4.     Create Rapport

Your potential customer might not need your product immediately so offer multiple options that make it easy for potential customers to stay connected to you. This can include social media, consistent newsletters, and a blog that answers questions, addresses customer concerns and offers solutions to their problems.

5.     Incentives!

Create an attention grabbing exit page that displays a special offer before they leave the site or try adding an upsell in the shopping cart that gives them a bonus product for just a few dollars more. Email them with special introductory discounts to thank them for being a new customer.

6.     Stay Focused for Website Conversions

Confusion creates objections; so keep your home page simple. Your home page is the entrance to your sales funnel that will lead your visitors through various choices until they hit the buy button. Remove any sales copy, outgoing links, or graphics that distract from the key actions you need your prospect to take.

7.     Each Product Needs its Own Strategy

Develop a flow chart of possible actions your prospect can take from the second they land on your website until they buy. Plan a series of marketing communications (emails, newsletters) with offers that work together to convert your leads into sales.

SEO Copywriting and Content Marketing – A Winning Team for Sales Growth

Are you a frustrated business owner who feels they’re doing all the right things but you’re still not getting the website conversions you’re looking for, hire a content marketing professional to review your website and find the best ways to optimize it to produce new sales for your business.

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