Blog Article Service-Do You Need One?

blog article writing service

Do we all agree that the SEO blog article is the backbone of any content marketing campaign?

Of course.

But do you need a blog article service to get the compelling, search optimized content that your website needs to rank well in searches?

Not necessarily.

You know that you need high-quality blog articles – but, wouldn’t it be great to create them yourself?

The First Step:

Then, consider this:

The first step is; learning how to write a great blog article.

Too many business owners attempt blog article writing without realizing how bad writing could destroy their credibility and authority.

Engaging Blog Articles

Writing engaging blog articles that will establish your credibility and build your email subscriber list takes a bit of skill.

You wouldn’t try to change your car’s oil without first finding out how; so don’t write a blog article without learning what it takes.

Here’s how!

Keep reading to learn how to write a blog article that will:

  • Establish authority
  • Create trust
  • Increase your visibility in Search

Find a Topic

This is the hardest part of the blog article writing process.

Decide what topic you want your blog article to cover.  While the specifics are up to you, there are considerations that are common to all blog writing:

  • What’s relevant to your target audience?
  • Do you want to solve a problem, or answer a question?
  • Do you just want to present valuable news or information?

You Need a Keyword for Your Blog Article

SEO blog article writing isn’t fun.

Blog writing is work (which is why many use a blog writing service); you get the most ROI for your time.  What good is writing a blog post that never gets read by your audience?

You need to SEO to the article so that search engines rank your blog post for maximum exposure.

SEO Your Blog Article for the Right Audience

While choosing the right keywords/key phrases (and keyword density) is a topic for another article, what, you need to know is that it’s a critical part of how to write a blog article that gets read.

Break it Down

Begin the process of writing your blog post by working one section at a time.

Use this outline when you write a blog article and you’ll publish an easy to read and well-written article that will get lots of web traffic.

  1. The Introduction

Explain to readers why this is relevant:

  • Are you suffering from dandruff? Read this to discover the 3 steps to stop flaking now!
  • This destroys marriages all the time, find out what it is to avoid this life destroying event!

Tell them what you’re going to tell them (using a great headline).

  1. A Great Body

Give supporting facts to your reader; back up your value proposition.  Elaborate on what you promised to tell them.

Just like anywhere else in life – a great body gets attention.

Use lots of sub-titles, and bulleted lists; always keep your paragraphs short.

A blog article needs to be easy to scan.  Reading blog articles involves looking over the content to see if it’s worth the effort read– first.

Blog Writing for Readers and Search Engines

Search engines are a huge consideration in blog writing.

Using an online references like Infogalactic, material found with Google Scholar and evidence from high authority websites in your niche; you’ll create reader confidence and assume greater authority from those sources.

  1. Conclude Your Blog Article

The easiest part writing a blog article;

Tell them you told them.

Repeat the main idea and go over your

  • Solution,
  • Steps,
  • Information, etc.

That you covered in the second section. Now is when you hit them with your call-to-action.

Use the last paragraph to convince the reader to engage with the article:

  • By subscribing to your blog
  • Contacting you for
  • Liking and sharing your blog post on social media
  • Buying your product or service

Go and write a blog for your business using these easy steps; you’ll reap the benefits of increased authority, more leads, and greater brand awareness that will ultimately improve your bottom line.

It Looks Easy but: “I Need a Blog Writing Service

You don’t have the time to write blog articles for your website?

I understand.

Contact me to discover how my blog writing service will create premium SEO articles and web content that drives:

  • More traffic to your website
  • Increases conversions
  • Creates buyer trust
  • Increases sales

Ballistic Bells will take your website to the next level with the best content for your niche, industry, or profession.

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