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Filling your preschool with students has never been more difficult; preschool SEO will make it possible to max your enrollments every year.

Forget about posting fliers in the local library, the modern parent uses internet search to find out what childcare providers are nearby. The most important preschool marketing strategy you can use is to create a preschool SEO website by posting search engine optimized articles on your school blog.

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Increase Preschool Enrollments with SEO Articles

Done properly, a school website and blog will become the most productive way to increase (and maintain) your enrollments.

While it’s true that families have traditionally discovered preschool programs and child care through referrals from friends or family; online search is now the primary means of finding child care.

Take a look at this:

  • A staggering 80% of local searches are performed from cellphones and other mobile devices
  • Over 90% of Americans have a mobile device within reach 24/7

This means that parents looking for a quality preschool are accessing the internet first for answers to the questions they have.

The more educational blog articles, exciting videos, and information packed podcasts that you put on your preschool website, the more:

  • You’ll show up in searches
  • You’ll attract an audience
  • You’ll build trust and establish your brand

And the more you will grow your preschool enrollments.

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A Preschool Website Gives You Credibility and Establishes Your Authority

Your search optimized, high-quality preschool blog articles will establish your authority as a thought leader in preschool education.

Do You Already Have a Preschool Website?

Do you already have a website?

Now is a good time to look at the content you have published on it. If you’re not using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies and:

  • Answering customer questions
  • Addressing parent’s concerns
  • Providing relevant and actionable information

You won’t be found when parents are looking for a quality preschool near them.

Let’s talk about increasing preschool enrollments by search optimizing your preschool website.

For preschool SEO do this:

  1. Create a Preschool SEO Website.  Take steps to ensure your website is found by your target audience:  families looking for the services you provide in your local area.
  2. What makes your school unique? Your website should highlight what sets you apart from other programs in the area.
  3. Use preschool SEO as an effective lead generating method.  Use your website to collect contact information to open up communication between your school and families.

use preschool seo to get more enrollments

Preschool SEO to Maintain Your Enrollments

Your preschool will quickly close its doors if you don’t manage to keep your families; you can use preschool SEO to do this by:

  • Publishing relevant content
  • Providing valuable information
  • Sharing it with your customers to ensure that you’re seen as an early childhood education expert

Do this and they won’t go looking at your competition.

Your Website Will Bring You New Preschool Enrollments When You’re Closed

Look at this:

The first thing families do when they begin searching for quality childcare is to research which preschools and daycares are near them online.

When local families have a question about curriculum or look for the best preschool to prepare their children for kindergarten – your content marketing preschool SEO website will show in the search results pages to offer the solution.

Your preschool website is available whenever parents want to learn more about what you have to offer their child.

Preschool SEO – Avoid These Mistakes

Check out these things you should never do:

  • Use low quality or tacky images and graphics
  • Leave broken links to unavailable webpages (404 errors)
  • Use eye-wateringly bright colors
  • Don’t post auto-playing videos (people hate when a video starts unexpectedly)
  • NEVER use Popup messages (Google is beginning to penalize websites that use Popups)
  • Bad grammar, spelling, and writing – poor writing is absolutely confidence shattering to potential customers (you are supposed to be an educator!)
  • Don’t forget to regularly update your preschool blog with new, information packed content

Why Preschool SEO Increases Traffic to Your Website

If you want your preschool to be the first place that parents visit; you’ll need to give them a reason to visit your website.

That’s why you publish a preschool SEO blog.

Your preschool website can’t have enough webpages to rank highly in search pages without constantly adding new content.

Without keyword optimized preschool blog articles families won’t find you.

Your preschool blog is a continual source of new webpages. Google regularly indexes your content for relevant phrases and keywords, creating greater exposure for your school and more opportunities to bring new families to your website.

Social Proof for Preschool SEO

What is social proof?

Social proof is when your potential customers rely on the experiences of people who already use your service to help them make a buying decision.

The decision making process is based on trust, and social proof creates trust.

No matter how great you say your preschool is; there is nothing more convincing than parent testimonials from current and past families.

Your testimonials could be anything; written, a podcast or even video, what’s critical is that you give your clients the chance to tell everyone how great they think you are.

Preschool Owners are Busy

If the stress and effort running a premium preschool makes it impossible for you to publish the compelling and informative, search engine optimized articles that will bring in new families and establish you as a an early childhood education authority  – please consider contacting Ballistic Bells and discover how I can:

  • Provide your preschool website with heavily researched, well-written search engine optimized articles on preschool topics
  • Use website content to position your preschool in a crowded local market
  • Create persuasive calls to action to convert website visitors into enrolled students

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