VPN Unlimited By Keepsolid Inc. Review

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Disclaimer – this is not a paid review, I use this VPN to protect my privacy online and I’d like to share my experience with others. I think that VPN Unlimited by KeepSolid Inc. perfectly combines price and service.

From slow speeds and no choice of which server you use to poor marks for security and a very basic UI; VPN Unlimited was considered a mediocre choice in VPNs.

The complaints must have made an impression, because VPN Unlimited seems to have made some major improvements. I decided to take VPN Unlimited for a test drive to see if they’re a good choice now for my VPN needs.

VPN Unlimited – A Quick Intro

VPN Unlimited is a U.S. based VPN service offered by KeepSolid Inc. They maintain over 300 servers around the world, although most of them are found in Europe and the United States.

Regardless the platform or device; VPN Unlimited has an app for that:

  • Windows
  • Windows Phone
  • iOS
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • Run your VPN through a browser extension
  • Apple TV

VPN claims that they not only won’t slow down your connection – but might even speed it up since they bypass some throttles placed on your connection by ISPs.

VPN Unlimited relies on the OpenVPN protocol for both Windows and Android platforms and uses IPsec in Mac and iOs.

If you want to enjoy P2P file sharing, they allow legal usage on these servers:

  • US-California
  • Canada-Ontario
  • Romania
  • Luxembourg
  • France

What Does VPN Unlimited Cost? 

This is where VPN Unlimited shines; if you need VPN protection, but don’t have a lot of bread you can get started for $6.99 per month with the Economy Plan and get (inexpensive) privacy protection peace of mind.

The VPN Unlimited Professional Plan requires one payment of $39.99 for a whole year of protection (just $3.33 per month).

Of course if you decide that VPN Unlimited offers the best service for your privacy needs; they offer users the Infinity Plan – currently going for 70% off the regular price at $149.99 for lifetime VPN access.

Every plan VPN Unlimited offers comes with a 7 day money back guarantee, giving new subscribers enough time to decide if their service is worth it.

VPN Privacy Policy 

The VPN Unlimited privacy policy clearly states that KeepSolid Inc. will neither collect nor log user activities while they’re using the VPN service, except for:

  • Session Dates
  • The total amount of web traffic during each session

This info will only be displayed in each user’s statistics panel (account page in the desktop app). For a detailed look at their privacy policies I highly recommend you visit their privacy page.

Sign Up, Installation and UI for Windows and Android

Sign up was a simple process, no better or worse than you’d expect. I installed the app on a Windows 7 machine and my Android phone – in both cases the app installed easily with no hang-ups or buggy behavior.

The following info pertains to both Android and Windows apps.

Protection options allow you to choose from:

  • None: only VPN Encryption
  • Low: Encryption plus Anti-Malware
  • High: Encryption, Anti-Malware, Stop Tracking and Adblock

You can also create your own black and white domain lists manually.

Users can choose from 3 VPN connection protocols:

  • OpenVPN: high performance and data protection
  • KeepSolid Wise TCP: “ultimate” security and medium performance
  • KeepSolid Wise UDP: “ultimate” security and medium performance

The KeepSolid Wise technology disguises VPN traffic as HTTPS; it’s intended for countries without access to the free internet and VPN access is blocked

Users can choose their server or allow the VPN service to make the optimal choice for them.

Both the PC and Android apps will show:

  • Your service state
  • Your PC or Android device as IP addresses on a map
  • The connection status
  • The time left on your plan

The Windows and Android UIs are straightforward and easily navigated.

Now let’s take a look at how VPN Unlimited performed.

VPN Unlimited Speed Test Results 



VPN Unlimited didn’t slow down my broadband connection at all.  Streaming video on Netflix and YouTube is smooth, and browsing was uninterrupted by disconnects while pages loaded quickly. Accessing BBC iPlayer from the U.S. was problem-free using the U.K. Coventry server.


VPN Unlimited DNS Leak Test



VPN Unlimited handily passed the DNS leak test. My anonymity was complete while using VPN Unlimited on my desktop.


VPN Unlimited IPv6 Leak Test 

I ran this test three times. After each test I quit the VPN Unlimited application and then restarted the service for the next test – the results speak for themselves.

VPN Unlimited service is extremely tight.  I’m not worried about IPv6 leaks.


VPN Unlimited WebRTC Test 


Here’s the result of a WebRTC leak test in Chrome; VPN Unlimited didn’t disappoint. The only IP information shown is my VPN.


My Android Experience with VPN Unlimited 



You’ll see the same screen as in the Windows app – your location and the location of your virtual IP.


The Android app allows users to set their favorite server locations.

You can set up black/white lists and security level easily in Android. Finally, No IPv6 or webRTC leaks were detected while running on Android.

VPN Unlimited Pros and Cons

Let’s start with what I loved about VPN Unlimited:

  • Very low priced service plans
  • Over 300 servers in more than 50 countries
  • I’m able to make up to 5 connections simultaneously
  • Very affordable lifetime subscription option
  • Torrenting supported on certain servers
  • Allows me to watch BBC iPlayer

Now the Cons:

  • I honestly can’t think of any; VPN Unlimited was a pleasure to install, configure, and use to privately access the internet and access region-blocked resources.


Overall, I loved using VPN Unlimited – the logical UI, speed, server choices, security and especially price; all combined for a high-quality user experience.



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